Tractor Tools Direct Announces Expansion

Compact tractors do real work! That is why Tractor Tools Direct is excited to announce an expansion of their company that will allow their customers – small-acreage farmers, land managers, foresters, and producers of hay and pine straw – to get even more work out of their beloved compact and subcompact tractors. This expansion is their acquisition of Ai2 Products from Minnesota.

Ai2 Products is a designer and manufacturer of custom compact utility tractor attachments for Kubota compact and subcompact tractors. Owned and operated by Tony Ashwill, Ai2 is best known for its flagship product, the HD Quick Attach, which took the Kubota BX world by storm back in 2007. Since then Tony has been designing and fabricating a variety of attachments for Kubota tractors. Demand for his products was so great that it soon became his full-time business.

Enter Tractor Tools Direct. TTD owner and president, Pat Goodwin, consistently keeps an eye out for businesses whose focus aligns with his. After researching Ai2 – studying Tony’s products, videos, manufacturing and marketing strategies – Pat realized that Tractor Tools Direct and Ai2 are companies that complement each other well. Both: ● Cater to operators of smaller compact tractors. ● Have a strong ecommerce presence. ● Support their products and provide stellar customer service. ● Provide high-quality, commercial-duty products.

For these reasons, Pat reached out to Tony this past summer looking to partner. After discussion they determined that the needs of both companies would best be met by the acquisition of Ai2 by Tractor Tools Direct. Manufacturing will still be done right here in the USA, and Tony will still be available to provide the customer support for which he is so well known.

Customers will still be able to view and navigate the Ai2 website as before. However, when clicking to make a purchase they will be forwarded to the same listing on the TTD website – where all Ai2 products will also be listed. Ai2 products will now ship from the centrally located TTD warehouse in Indiana.

Tony and Pat will be working together closely and in the future, they will be introducing even more new and unique products to the Ai2 lineup, as well as expanding into attachments for other tractor brands and tractor sizes. Stay tuned as Tractor Tools Direct continues their dedication to the idea that compact tractors do real work!

For more information on this acquisition view this video. With further questions, call Tractor Tools Direct at 260-225-3429 or Ai2 at 320-331-1055. They look forward to helping you put your compact tractor to work | Member since 2023