Members Can Sell, Buy Surplus Supplies

Unverferth Manufacturing Co. has more than 1,000 bolts and nuts it is seeking to sell. See a picture of them at

These square-head, grade-8 bolts have a three-quarter inch coarse thread and are five-and-a-quarter inches long. The threaded area is three-and-a-quarter inches. The throat is two inches.

The associated lock nuts are a traditional six-sided design with three-quarter inch coarse thread and 90-degree taper.

The manufacturer has more than 1,000 of each and will sell for $2 per bolt and $2 per nut, or best offer.

Contact Jerry Ecklund at, or (419) 532-3130, ext. 1233.

The Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association invites members to buy or sell their surplus supplies and equipment as part of a member benefit. This free service does not extend to the sale of manufacturers’ product lines.

Learn more about the surplus benefit from Matt Rice. Contact him at or (314) 878-2304.