New Online Tool Maps ‘Beans Gone Wild’

Pests, disease and wild weather can wreak havoc on crop performance. As first-line troubleshooters, crop consultants, North Carolina State Extension agents and specialists have their fingers on the pulse of statewide crop performance and recently released an online tracking tool called ‘Beans Gone Wild‘ to capture and share in-season crop problems and recommendations. 

The new visual mapping tool, funded by the NC Soybeans Producers Association and the NC Agricultural Foundation, uses crowd-sourced field data from public and private partners to document soybean problems (and recommended actions) across the state. Rolling data rotates off every six weeks, providing a current view of problem reports across the state.

 “In the past, we didn’t always have timely or accurate information on what’s occurring where,” said Jeff Chandler, NC Soybean Producers Association Research Coordinator. “This tool will provide access to real-time problem identification that can be synthesized with Extension recommendations to provide better decision support.”