NTN Bearing Recognized with Supplier Excellence Certification

Caterpillar Inc., proudly announces the awarding of Supplier Excellence Recognition Process (SER) Certification to the NTN Hamilton plant. This prestigious acknowledgment underscores NTN’s consistent demonstration of excellence in product quality, service delivery, and overall performance in its partnership with Caterpillar.

The Caterpillar SER Certification is a testament to NTN’s unwavering commitment to meeting Caterpillar’s exacting standards and contributing to the company’s success. Through a rigorous evaluation process, NTN has showcased its exceptional quality management, delivery performance, cost competitiveness, technical expertise, and dedication to continuous improvement initiatives.

SER certification not only distinguishes suppliers as industry leaders but also fosters increased collaboration and long-term partnerships within Caterpillar’s supply chain. It signifies NTN’s readiness to undertake a broader range of projects and further strengthens its position as a preferred supplier to Caterpillar.

The NTN Hamilton plant’s attainment of the SER Certification sets a benchmark for excellence in the industry, inspiring other businesses to strive for similar standards of performance and quality.

Source: NTNAmericas.com/en | Member since 2017