S3 Enterprises Wins Awards, Launches Legacy Project

S3 Enterprises won two Best of CAMA Awards in November.

CAMA, or the Canadian Agri-Marketing Association, recognizes significant contributions by its members at an annual gala, which was virtual this year.

In its first year of CAMA membership, S3 Enterprises was recognized as a finalist in three categories: new product launch, customer brochure, and product video.

The Saskatchewan-based company took the awards in both the product launch and customer brochure categories, which included entries from companies such as Cargill and Bayer Crop Science.

“Shortline farm equipment is an important aspect of agriculture, pioneering groundbreaking solutions to take advantage of real on-farm opportunities,” said S3 Enterprises CEO Richelle Andreas. “In a world crowded with messaging and information, finding a communication path between farmers and OEMs has never been more important.”

In other news, the company has announced the S3 Legacy Project, which helps consumers identify products, services, and best practices that contribute to agricultural stewardship.

The project recognizes efforts that reduce energy consumption, improve soil health, safeguard clean water, reduce waste, and reuse materials.

“Positive, long-term results come from doing the best you can as often as you can,” Andreas said. “The S3 Legacy Project celebrates those continuous improvements along the way.”

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