Summit: COVID Protocols, Individual Responsibilities

Supply Summit 2021 represents a return to normal that thrills us, but it also reminds us that we have not yet returned to complete normalcy.

Association and hotel staff will honor the highest standards of COVID-19 protocols. As part of our work to assure everyone’s safety, we ask every attendee to also commit to the following protocols in accordance with the policies of the city of Kansas City and Marriott hotels. Please:

  • Submit the waiver sent to you by email. It is an essential step in receiving your registration materials.
  • Wear masks in public areas of the hotel.
  • Remain distant from one another.
  • Take a seat to eat or drink.
  • Bring the registration materials mailed to you in advance, including your name badge, the convention booklet, and showcase booklet.
  • Collect contact information by using the QR codes on name badges. This provides a contact-free way to exchange information. 
  • Expect a different experience. Faces will be covered. We will not be able to walk through receptions with drinks in our hands. We may see more sitting and less mingling.
  • Feel free to seek accommodations if you have safety concerns. For example, while the Association will provide transportation to events such as golf and trap shoot, attendees are encouraged to drive separately if they are more comfortable in their own vehicle.  
  • Monitor your own health. If you do not feel well, please stay in your room and notify staff or the hotel.

The Association thrives through friendships and trust. That has not changed, but it also does not exempt us from conducting due diligence in the context of the extraordinary circumstances we face. This meeting will be different than others, but those differences need not be detriments.

“I walk away from every Association meeting better equipped to lead my company,” said Association President Matt Westendorf. “I expect nothing less this year, and neither should you.”

It is not too late to register! The price does not increase this year as the date approaches, and members are entitled to a day-before-the-Summit, no-questions-asked cancellation and refund. Learn more about the speakers. Check out the schedule. And, see who’s already registered.