Supplier Spotlight: MFC

MFC is a fabricator of hose, formed tube, and hose-tube hybrid assemblies. Its products are marketed throughout North America to industries such as agriculture, construction, power generation, and paint spray. MFC is headquartered in Minnesota and has production facilities throughout the Midwest.

All of MFC’s products are designed and built to meet a specific customer application.

“We work closely with our customer’s design engineering teams to develop the right product for their application,” said Vice President of Sales Andy Larsen. “At times, the design is simple and straightforward, but other times we are designing a product that has multiple ports, a variety of bends, and utilizes both a flexible and rigid formed tube component.”

Providing custom products is only part of what MFC does. The company says it prides itself on providing an exceptional customer experience.

“I know a lot of our customers have commented on how easy it is to do business with us,” said Director of Customer Support Mike Thull. “We develop programs that save our customers on the soft costs. Reducing inventory, eliminating freight costs, and decreasing handling expenses are all areas that we’ve focused on.”

MFC also offers field engineering services where their team works closely with equipment manufacturers to eliminate expensive components and improve the routing of their products.

“We feel like we have a unique offering that not many of our competitors can match,” Larsen said. “At the end of the day, we can provide the best product in each product category and we can do it at a reasonable cost. You add to that our favorable customer support experience and we feel like we are a world class supplier to our OEM customer base.”

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