Suppliers: Submit Videos, Newsletter Profiles

We intend to be together at the Kansas City Marriott Downtown from April 7 to 9 for Supply Summit 2021.

That will be the first time we have gathered since November 2019, and that’s just too long.

While the Association plans the convention, it seeks other ways to stay connected.

Membership Director Matt Rice is working on a webinar series on process improvement, and more immediately, we are launching a video feature on our web site and a story series in Shortliner to focus on the work of supplier members.

The Association invites suppliers to submit videos, preferably under two minutes, to be featured as part of your company’s profile in the digital membership directory.

You also are invited to submit stories, or information to be edited into a story, to this newsletter. We ask that the stories be 300 words or fewer. They can focus on your plants, your products, your history, whatever you most want manufacturers to know.

Companies who participated in the recent membership survey offered great insights into what you need, and we intend to roll out new services soon based on your feedback.

It’s not too late to let us know. Your membership matters, and we want to hear from you how we can make it more valuable. Get in touch with Rice at, or call (314) 878-2304.