Summit Speakers Invite You to Join Research Effort

Research into farm equipment buying has traditionally focused on characteristics such as geography and farm size, but member company Spindustry has embarked upon a research partnership to dig more deeply into what influences those spending decisions.

“While such information can be helpful to some degree, none of it captures what is most critical for those engaged in sales and marketing efforts toward these buyers: WHY they choose to buy the way they buy, and how their attitudes and assumptions affect their buying behavior,” researchers said.

Spindustry is a digital agency focused in part on e-commerce and web development. Agency CEO Michael Bird will speak during two sessions at Supply Summit 2021 in Kansas City. He will be joined on stage by Susan Baier, a marketing strategist and researcher with Audience Audit, to discuss results of this farmer attitudinal survey.

Bird also will be part of a panel discussion on permanent changes in the workplace post-COVID. He will focus on sales and marketing.

Audience Audit and Spindustry will launch the survey to producers Friday. If manufacturing members who sell directly to farmers want to participate, you will have elevated access to survey results, but you need to act soon.

Let Kristi Ruggles at the Association know you want to participate at She will send a distinct link for you to share with farmers. Findings will answers questions such as:

  • How have farmers changed their approach to buying since the beginning of 2020?
  • What pros and cons do they see with respect to their various options for purchasing?
  • Do they prefer buying in-person, from a catalog, or online, and why?
  • What barriers do the various channels for sales present?
  • Are they confident that they have the information they need to make an informed buying decision?
  • How are their buying decisions made?
  • What resources are they turning to for information?

Attendees at Supply Summit will be among the first to hear study findings.