Valmont Secures $240 Million Project in Africa

Valmont Industries, Inc., a member company that provides engineered products that support agricultural productivity and infrastructure development, has entered into a supply agreement to provide mechanized irrigation equipment, technology solutions, pump design, and services for a large agricultural development project in Africa.

The agreement demonstrates the growing global demand for more efficient and reliable food production.

“We are excited to be partnering with progressive thought leaders who see the need and value for fresh water conservation and modern agriculture,” said Stephen G. Kaniewski, Valmont president and CEO. “Projects like these are highly transformative to local economies, bringing much-needed infrastructure and modern agricultural systems that enhance the food supply chain.”

The approximately 500,000-acre project will provide irrigation for highly efficient crop production, significantly minimizing the use of previously-marginal agricultural land and enabling double-cropping to produce world-class yields, while conserving approximately half the water currently used with traditional irrigation methods.

This project will become the largest connected irrigation project on the planet upon completion, further confirming Valmont’s technology leadership on the irrigated farm, an announcement from the company said.

“This multi-year engagement is a testament to our ability to secure large-scale projects that address the critical need to increase food production to serve a growing population,” Kaniewski said. “We speak often about the strength of our international project pipeline, and we are very excited to be awarded this opportunity, which provides meaningful momentum heading into 2021.”

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