What Are Your Best Practices in Workforce Development?

Regardless of your ZIP code, you are almost certainly facing problems building your workforce. It is a consistent and timeless challenge among members.

The Association is seeking new ways to support members on this front. As a first step, we want to hear what’s working where you are.

Admittedly, on some issues, sharing best practices means compromising a competitive edge. We wouldn’t expect it. But in strengthening your communities’ workforces, you strengthen the industry. Have you:

  • Found a winning formula through training partnerships with government or schools?
  • Had success using social media?
  • Introduced high-impact workforce retention strategies?
  • Heard a speaker on this topic that might awaken new ideas?
  • Seen or heard an especially compelling message that tackles the perception of jobs in manufacturing?

If so, we would, as always, appreciate hearing about it. Contact Matt Rice at (314) 720-4234 or Matt@FarmEquip.org.

“It is an enormous challenge,” said Vernon Schmidt, executive vice president. “There is not one answer, but the Association is committed to helping the industry send the message that these jobs offer outstanding opportunities. We are committed to providing practical tools that will help you in your communities.

“This is the value of an organization like ours, bringing together people to solve problems,” he said. “Until we are together again, we will do it this way.”