Association Seeks Input on Expanding Member Services

What’s your comfort level with an ethical hacker? Someone who, in the name of helping you prevent a cyber attack, stages a cyber attack to test the strength of your security system? If the Association bought a bundle of such a service to be able to offer it to members at a dramatically reduced price, how much would it be worth to you?

Do you need a full-load freight service? Would you take advantage of a health insurance plan if the Association brought together several shortline employers to leverage better prices through bigger numbers? Is there value, in your opinion, in the Association forming a relationship with a safety inspector to perform mock OSHA inspections at your plant?

Matt Rice

With the arrival of Membership Director Matt Rice, the Association is exploring services that will bring value to members. Our best opportunity to serve you is to hear what you most need. This is your shot. Get in touch with Rice and tell him what would be good for your company and good for the industry.

Contact him at (314) 720-4234, or send an email to He’s already talked to many of you, and he’s eager to connect with the rest of you.

“A few key themes are emerging through those conversations, but of course, our member companies are different sizes, and they are all over North America and beyond,” he said. “A dozen conversations cannot capture the breadth of the challenges. Until we can talk at farm shows, or I can visit members’ operations, I would be thrilled to spend time on the phone hearing what’s on members’ minds. It is an opportunity for the company and for the Association.”