Update from the ASABE Houston Meeting

During the recent ASABE meeting in Houston, revisions to ASABE S318 (Safety for Agricultural Field Equipment) were proposed.

This Standard serves as a guide to provide a reasonable degree of personal safety for operators and other persons during the normal operation and servicing of agricultural field equipment.

A revision to remove the Operator Presence Control requirements section
4.8 was voted down and the requirements remained in the standard.  These requirements require the tractor to shut off the PTO if the operator does not take a secondary action to maintain the PTO in continuous operation before dismounting the tractor. 

A second revision to ASAE S318.19 was approved which adds safety for PTO driven Implements. When an operator leaves the tractor seat the PTO will shut off or a 110 decibel alarm will sound unless the operator returns to the operator’s seat or intentionally activates a secondary continuous PTO operation switch.  This ensures that the operator knowingly dismounts the tractor while the PTO is operating. When the operator leaves the operator’s station with the PTO continuous operation control enabled, an operator station indicator shall activate within 3 seconds advising the operator that the PTO is operating.

Members with questions regarding this standard are encouraged to contact the Association office for more information.