Farmers’ First Step in Equipment Shopping: Online

Farmers start searching for equipment online even if they intend to buy at a store.

In survey results exploring farmers’ buying behaviors released at the Supply Summit on April 8, researchers revealed that nearly 70 percent of farmers search by looking at websites. In other words, they input a website address. Sixty percent reported using a search engine, which suggests they typed a term such as “sprayer” in a search bar.

About the same percentage—60—said they ask others for advice when shopping. Among other shopping behaviors, farmers:

  • Visited retailers (56 percent)
  • Watched YouTube videos (48 percent)
  • Read printed catalogs (48 percent)
  • Called retailers (48 percent)
  • Used trade shows (36 percent)
  • Called manufacturers (28 percent)
  • Used social media (15 percent)

Researchers also found that 70 percent of customers who buy from you online are likely to buy from you again.

Sources: Spindustry and Audience Audit, Summit speakers