GUSS Automation Receives Top-10 New Product Award

GUSS Automation is the recipient of their third Top-10 New Product award from the International Agri-Center and will be showcased at the World Ag Expo February 14 – 16, 2023 in Tulare, California. The cutting-edge autonomous herbicide sprayer, Herbicide GUSS is the first and only autonomous herbicide orchard sprayer on the market.

GUSS Automation debuted GUSS in 2018 at the World Ag Expo as the first autonomous orchard sprayer in the world and mini GUSS in 2021 for vineyard and high-density orchards.

“We innovate out of necessity for our own farm business. We also know that if the machine helps us, it will help other growers facing the same challenges we are,” said Gary Thompson, COO at GUSS Automation. “Herbicide GUSS is our latest innovation, and we are so excited to be honored with our third World Ag Expo Top-10 award.” | Association Member Since 2019