Fall Convention: Big Enough to Create Buzz, Do Business

With two weeks to go before the kickoff of fall convention, we expect total participation to approach 390 people.

That includes Association executives, members of the Equipment Marketing & Distribution Association (EMDA), spouses and guests, and speakers.

“It is fluid,” Executive Vice President Vernon Schmidt said. “We have a few folks still registering and a few folks who are bumping into conflicts at home and changing their plans to attend. We see a dip in attendance among our Canadian members, which we understand, but of course their presence will be missed.”

To break down the numbers a bit more, our Association expects about 250 executives. EMDA expects 80. As we anticipated, attendance is not as robust as pre-pandemic years, but it is stronger than our Supply Summit in Kansas City, which is when we dipped our toe into a return to normal.

“There is a certain energy that comes with a crowded room, and our attendance in Oklahoma City is robust enough to create that energy,” Schmidt said. “Beyond that, what we want for our members is a good experience—opportunities to do business, learn, and gain greater perspective on what’s happening in the industry. I am confident that attendees who want that experience will find it.”

If you need to adjust a room reservation, please contact Tricia Kidd at (314) 878-2304. After Friday, Oct. 29, room changes should be handled directly with the Omni Oklahoma City.

Learn more about what’s in store in Oklahoma City at FarmEquip.org